Like a Phoenix, this epic adventure ends, only to be reborn !

We would like to address this message to the community to inform everyone of our
decision to end the street jam this year.

We’ve been the first ones to apply this concept, which already existed in other riding sports,  to freestyle scooter
in 2010. The aim was simple: organising a gathering of scooter riders for a weekend, mixing pros, beginners and
everyone else to ride together in joy and happiness.

Since then, many other street jams appeared in France and around the world.
It has always been very important for us to organise and financially support these events, for them to
remain as independent as possible and not turn into another advertising event.
With or without sponsorships, we remained in control without any pressure from outside.

Each year we use to invite people from every corner of the planet, we tried to bring in some new stuff to each
edition with new curbs that we were building the night before, and organised crazy parties where we could
all get together. Bangers everywhere, stunt galore and nocturnal drunkenness we still live in our memories!

If we took this decision, it’s not because we are lacking time, nor because of financial instability, nor because
we fear that an accident might happen, nor even because of the two 300 pages files about us in the police station.

No. If we stop, it’s only because we need some change.

Our principle is that we like what we do when we know people are happy about what we do, and this give sense to
our lives. But in addition to this, we have as well to like what we do for the sake of it, in a more spontaneous way.
Today we just feel like making some change.

Along the years, the Street Jam became bigger and bigger, with more and more people attending.
We reached the point when each edition has to be crazier, fatter, more original than the previous one, and this
mad rush made us realise that we were starting to loose the original intimacy which was the richness of this event.

So, instead of just waiting for this event to go to waste on its own, we decided to stop it now,
so we can all keep in mind the best memories.

Stopping the Dissidence Street Jam doesn’t mean we are going to slow down our implication, on the contrary.
Our heads are filled with crazy ideas, and we will reveal them pretty soon.

In the meantime, we will always support every local street jam initiatives, as we always did, and we invite you to
attend all the different events during the year, such as the street jams in Lyon,
Montpellier, Barcelona, London, San Diego, or Brisbane.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us from the start, and who made possible all the editions of the
street jams: Papy and his camera, jujusex for the welding, JD on the mike, the whole gang for fucking up big time
and tidying afterwards, all the brands which supported us, all the riders who unplugged their brains,
everyone who came, and all the one who ever dreamed about coming.

It’s the end of an era but the beginning of a new one.

A big thank you to all those who still believe in the Dissidence Family: Dissidence, Dissidence distribution,
Ethic DTC, Eretic, Blackpearl, Allis possible, French toast, Coup d’Etat, Authentique…

See you all on the first week of May !

Life is a game: enjoy it
Cyrille and kk