Conditions de vente
The following sales terms and conditions are agreed in one hand by Dissidence SARL and in an other hand, by any physical or moral person willing to conduct a purchase through For all placed order, Dissidence SARL supposes that you have read and understood these sales sales terms and conditions prior to placing your order.

The sales terms and conditions's aim is to define contractual obligations between Dissidence SARL and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through The acquisition of a good on the present website involves the unreserved agreement by the buyer of the sales terms and conditions.
These sales terms and conditions will prevail on any other general or particular conditions that have not been agreed by Dissidence Scooter Shop. Dissidence Scooter Shop reserves the right to modify its sales terms and conditions anytime. In this case, the conditions applicable will be the one in force at the date of the order by the buyer.

The prices displayed in the catalog are price-included in euros, taking in account the taxes applicable at the date of the order. Any rate change can be applied on the product prices. Dissidence Scooter Shop reserves the right to modify the prices anytime. The price indicated on the catalog the day of the order will be the only price applicable to the buyer. The shown prices include the order processing fees. The transport fees are detailed in the shipping chapter.

Geographical area
We ship our products shown on our website to France but also international.

The buyer willing to purchase a product must :
 - fill on the identification form in which he must indicate his address and telephone number if he has one,
 - fill in the online order form indicating all the references of the desired products,
 - validate your order once it is verified,
 - proceed to payment,
 - confirm his order and payment.
The order confirmation involve the agreement and perfect understanding of the present sales terms and conditions. All the supplied informations and the recorded confirmation will serve as transaction proof. The confirmation will serve as a signature and acceptance. Dissidence Scooter Shop will communicate through email a confirmation of the placed order.

The buyer can choose freely between our different payment methods, in the order form. The buyer guarantees that he detain all the required authorizations to use the chosen payment method. Dissidence reserves the right to suspend any order and shipping in the case the credit or debit card is denied, or in case of non-payment. Dissidence also reserves the right not to ship an order that has not been paid integrally, or that has been placed by a customer with who a litigation is in process.

The buyer has a 10 days to return the products that doesn't satisfy him, starting from the delivery date. The costs linked to that shipping must be handled by the buyer. If the end of that period is on a saturday, sunday or a holiday, the period can be extended to the next worked day.
Any return should be expressed to our customer service :
 - by phone +33 6 64 18 10 00
 - by contacting us through our website

The product(s) must be shipped to :
 Service retour
 5 rue des Erables
 78780 Maurecourt

We can only accept products returned in their integrality, in their original packaging, in a perfect state of reselling. Any damaged product or product with a damaged packaging, won't be exchanged or refunded. The revocation right can be applied without any penalty, except the shipping expenses. The returned and accepted products can be refunded or exchanged. If the product is exchanged, the shipping fees will be paid by the buyer. If the product is refunded, Dissidence will do its best to refund the buyer in the next 15 days. Nevertheless, because of certain technical characteristics of the products, this period may be extended to 30 days, for instance when the product need a technical verification. The customer will be refunded with a transfer to his bank account.

Products availability
The order will be processed in 24-48h starting from the day the buyer placed his order. If one or more products are out of stock, for instance because of our suppliers, the buyer will be informed as soon as possible and will be able to cancel his order without fees. The buyer will then have the choice between a refund or the exchange of one or more products.

Products are shipped to the address indicated by the buyer on the order form. The buyer the requested to check the state of his products on delivery and to inform the carrier of any damage, on the delivery bill, but also to Dissidence Scooter Shop, in a period of one week. The buyer can ask to receive the invoice at the billing address and not the shipping address in the order form. We ship worldwide, the shipping costs are calculated directly in the order form.

Shipping problem caused by the carrier
Any problem concerning the delivery (no delivery, missing product(s), damaged package, damaged products...) must be indicated on the delivery bill with the buyer signature and also notified to the carrier within two days. The buyer must also inform Dissidence Scooter Shop by letter, email or phone call within 10 days :

 5 rue des Erables
 78780 Maurecourt

According to Article 2 of the Decree n°78-464 of March 24th 1978, the buyer must benefit from the legal warranty that make it compulsory for the professional seller to guarantee the buyer against consequences of hidden defect of the sold product. According to law n98-389 of May 19th 1998, relative to responsibility in case of defective product. Therefor, in case of damage or injury caused to a person in the used of a defective product, only the producer's responsibility can be invoked. The producer's information should be found on the product's packaging, or on his website. The conditions and term of the producer/manufacturer warranty are indicated on the product cards.

The seller, the the online sale process, is only bound to a best effort obligation. His responsibility can not be engaged in case of damages resulting to the use of internet such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service breakdown, or other involuntary problems.

Intellectual property
All texts, comments, illustrations, pictures shown on the website are reserved as author rights and as intellectual property for the whole world. As such, only a private use of these documents is allowed. Any other use is constituent of counterfeiting and punished according to Intellectual Property Laws, unless Dissidence has given its authorization.

Data security
In accordance with the law relative to computer, files and liberties of Jan. 6th 1978, nominative informations relative to buyer may be processed through an automated system. Dissidence reserves the right to collect informations concerning the buyers, including cookie tracking. Buyers benefit from the right to access informations concerning them anytime to modify or delete them, in accordance with the law relative to computer, files and liberties of Jan. 6th 1978.

Transaction tracking
Dissidence will file all the order forms, invoices on a reliable and durable support making of it a true copy in accordance with Article 1348 of Civil Code. Dissidence's computerized records must be considered by both parties as a proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Law applicable in case of litigation
The present sales terms and conditions are ruled by French law. In case of litigation or complaint, the buyer should contact first Dissidence Scooter Shop to find a friendly term. If no friendly solution is found, and that one party wants to go to the court, the law applicable to this litigation is the French law.